The stimulus that influences your short-term thoughts and actions that you’re unaware about

By Catrin Johnson

What is Priming?

When exposure to some thing influences the behavior of an individual later on, without that individual being aware that the first thing is guiding their behavior to a certain extent.

Examples of Priming

  1. Complete this word: SO_P. Depending on where you had spent time in, the word can be SOAP (went to the toilet), or SOUP (just finished dinner).
  2. Restaurants may resort to playing a particular type of music to boost sales of an item. For example, French classical music to prime customers into buying French wine.

Why are we weak to priming?

Scientists have discovered that different regions of the brain are tied to our different behaviours.

How to guard against Priming

According to many studies done, priming is out of our control.

By Ben Sweet

Before you go…

What are some interesting examples of priming have you done or received from others? Leave a comment and let’s discuss about it.



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