The key strategies used to get to 200 customers and $2k in revenue within 30 days for Hodlbot; a customizable cryptocurrency trading bot.


Here are the key strategies from Anthony’s article:

Find early-adopters in niche communities

  • “It’s hard to get the front page of reddit. But it’s easy to get to the front page of a niche subreddit”
  • “much less competition in niche subreddits so you can noticed pretty easily”
  • “niche communities tend to be extremely segmented, so you can easily find members that fit your target persona.”

Getting 500 pre-launch signups from a single comment

  • “biggest day of traffic we ever got came from one single comment on Hacker News”
  • “If you…

Anyone has any strategies on hacking giveaways to increase your audience / sales?

Just did a TL;DR summary of Pieters Levels’s (NomadList) case study of how he conducted a giveaway on Twitter to get the following results:

  • 80,368 engagements,
  • 54,061 profile clicks

Here are the main points from his article:

Offer an enticing gift

  • Pieters promised a new 🍏MacBook Pro 16 to a random person who retweets his tweet
  • All participants are required to follow him on Twitter in order to be eligible for the prize

Impossible to pick a winner from the RTs due to Twitter’s API limits

  • Due to Twitter’s API limits, it will only list out the last 100 retweets

What’s this?

I’m love to share about growth strategies but hate to waste your time with yet another article. So here is me summarizing a brilliant article I’ve came across in 1 minute .


Who’s behind it?

Harry Dry is the creator behind Marketing Examples, a blog/newsletter site where he presents case studies on various topics related to marketing.

What are the results?

  • 20,000 email subscribers in one year.
  • No ads, no audience, no connections.
  • All done by tailoring your content to the different audience accordingly

Here is Harry’s subscribers by source

  • Twitter — 5.8k
  • Product Hunt — 2k
  • Reddit — 1.8k
  • Indie Hackers — 1.6k
  • Facebook — 700

A TL;DR on Dom Wells’s story on Indie Hackers


Dom Wells, then an English teacher living in Taiwan, started Human Proof Designs in 2013, a site that offers training and services in the affiliate marketing world, and bootstrapped to $1.1 million USD in sales in 2017.


The Problem

While teaching English in Taiwan back in 2013, Dom noticed that there were lots of interest in “turnkey websites” (a completely functioning website with everything needed to run a website already completely functional.), with people selling and buyers buying it.

“there were dozens of people selling junk “turnkey websites” on Flippa, and people were…

Ever heard what ‘Priming’ is?

Look at this picture. What do you see?

By Catrin Johnson

Now name me a fruit.

Did you just thought of a banana? Or any fruit in yellow?

Why? Why not an apple? A watermelon? A pear?

Because you just got primed.

What is Priming?

When exposure to some thing influences the behavior of an individual later on, without that individual being aware that the first thing is guiding their behavior to a certain extent.

That ‘thing’ can be a word, sound or an image.

Examples of Priming

  1. Complete this word: SO_P. Depending on where you had spent time in, the word can be…

TL;DR Growth Strategies

Growth strategies from founders at

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