0–20k subscribers in a year content strategy [TL;DR Strategies]

What’s this?

I’m love to share about growth strategies but hate to waste your time with yet another article. So here is me summarizing a brilliant I’ve came across in 1 minute .

Who’s behind it?

Harry Dry is the creator behind , a blog/newsletter site where he presents case studies on various topics related to marketing.

What are the results?

  • 20,000 email subscribers in one year.
  • No ads, no audience, no connections.
  • All done by tailoring your content to the different audience accordingly

Here is Harry’s subscribers by source

  • Twitter — 5.8k
  • Product Hunt — 2k
  • Reddit — 1.8k
  • Indie Hackers — 1.6k
  • Facebook — 700
  • LinkedIn — 500
  • Slack Groups — 250
  • Hacker News — 800
  • Other link sharing sites — 450

Total: 13,900. The rest are organic traffic and word of mouth.


1) Know where are your audiences at

  • find all the different places where your target audience hangs out
  • Harry’s target audience: marketers
  • Hangout places online: Facebook Groups, Slack Groups, Subreddits, LinkedIn, Growth Hackers, Indie Hackers, Twitter …

2) Add Value

  • Adding value isn’t dumping links.
  • People are busy. Wow them on whatever platform they’re at
  • take the time to become a genuine member of each community, not self-promoting all the time

3) Tailor your content to each platform

  • there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula.
  • Eg: Twitter is not Facebook
  • tailor your content to fit each platform. Below are a few examples:

Long-form sharing

  • Twitter, Reddit and Indie Hackers
  • Here is an from Harry


  • attention spans are shorter on FB and Slack groups
  • break articles into visual tips
  • Subtly branding each one. Upfront value. No hard sell

Direct Links

  • Hacker News, Designer News, Growth Hackers, Zest.is.

Tailored title

  • Hacker News → How Nike sold its first shoes
  • Growth Hackers → 5 marketing lessons from how Nike sold its first 50000 shoes

4) Call-to-Action to share content / subscribe

  • share the whole article
  • politely ask if the reader would like to join my email list / share the content


  • Thanks for reading. Hope you found it somewhat useful. Any specific questions lmk. Now, this is where it gets meta. Maybe I can tempt you with my marketing newsletter. I write a weekly email full of practical marketing tips like this :) “
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And here is me learning from Harry:

Thanks for reading! More real-life examples and TL;DR case studies at .



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